Ij start Cânon is a platform that provides downloading and installation of Cânon drivers. Once the setup is complete you can use its functionalities effectively like printing, scanning, fax, network setup and many more.

To install the Cânon ij setup you can visit :- IJ.Start.Cânon.

Download or Install Cânon Drivers Using IJ.Start.Cânon

To download or install the Cânon drivers , follow the instructions provided below -

  • To start installing the driver, power off the Cânon printer.
  • Now start the installer on your system, and visit IJ.Start.Cânon to download the printer drivers.
  • As the downloading process completes, Double click on the Printer icon in the downloads folder.
  • Accept the adminitrative rights to install the printer drivers.
  • To use Cânon Printer over a network, choose the connection destination from the client.
  • Click "cancel" in the connection cable screen and select "yes" on the confirmation screen.
  • Now select printer port box and click the manual selection option.
  • Choose the appropriate port and click Complete.
  • Restart your computer to get Cânon printer driver installation.

  • Installation of Cânon ij setup (Wireless) | IJ.Start.Cânon

    For installing Cânon ij setup, you need to follow some basic steps given below: -

  • Download drivers for the printer that are compatible with your operating system.
  • Double click on it to start installing process, then Select the connection type - Wired or Wireless connection to connect with a printer.
  • Ensure that your printer should be connected properly, for getting best connectivity without any interruptions.
  • Now, Hold WiFi Button until it starts blinking twice.
  • You will see blue light blinking on a WiFi Button which ensures that your printer is successfully connected with the router.
  • Read and accept the license agreement.
  • After ensuring the connection of the wireless network, Click "Complete".
  • The installation process is completed.
  • Learn How To Setup Cânon Printer via USB

  • Download the Cânon printer drivers and complete the installation process.
  • Connect your printer and windows with USB Cable.
  • Open Control Panel, from Run dialog box or Press "Windows key + R" and then open control panel.
  • Select option named "Devices and Printers".
  • You will see your printer with a green check mark.
  • If not able to see , then you can add it manually by clicking on option "Add Printer".
  • Now your printer will be added and ready to use.